SSGP – Data Procurement Initiative

A new twist on R&D – using high-resolution space data to turn things around within the public sector.

As a first within Government, the Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) has procured access to an unprecedented amount of high-resolution archive satellite imagery as a trial to allow government departments to work with and understand what information can be derived from satellite systems.

Those working within academia and industry may also access the data for R&D purposes, if they can demonstrate they have a UK Public Sector Sponsor and the work undertaken meets a public sector need.

SSGP will also be running a number of themed hackathons and high-resolution data challenge events to share emerging government requirements with a wider audience. These will encourage new entrants into the space applications sector, establish new connections with government, and provide early feedback on requirements and emerging demand to inform future application development activities.

The archive includes up to three years’ worth of imagery covering Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including a significant proportion of the shoreline at less than 5m per pixel resolution. The two categories of data procured are high resolution optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The satellite imagery has been purchased under a multi-user, multiple re-use, research and development licensing arrangement and will be available for up to three years.

By providing free access to the data and creating opportunities to engage much earlier and share ideas between the UK Public Sector and wider supply chain, we hope to overcome perceived financial barriers, generate additional momentum to help achieve the Agency’s stated growth ambitions for the UK Space Sector and assess the level of demand for accessing high resolution data within the UK Public Sector.

The data is stored on a data hosting platform (CEMS) and is accessible via the SEDAS portal, which is hosted and run by the Satellite Applications Catapult. Data access is controlled by the SSGP team and is subject to certain conditions of use and participants must sign End User Licence Agreements with the data providers (Airbus Defence and Space and Telespazio-Vega UK Ltd).

To register an interest, please email

To speed up the application process, those registering are encouraged to attach their completed SSGP Data Access Form and the three signed EULAs (listed below under Downloadable Documents) to their registration email. If you have a question which is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document, please let us know. Once access has been granted, please follow the instructions listed in the SSGP SEDAS User Guide to enable the high-resolution SSGP archive.

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Downloadable documents