What is the Sentinel Data Access Service?

The Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS) is a mechanism designed and developed to allow end users to search and download Sentinel data.  The service aims to lower barriers to entry and create the foundations for an integrated approach to satellite data access, as well as provide an informative and collaborative resource for users.

The Data Discovery Hub is accessible through the SEDAS portal. This service which provides a collection of links to suppliers of satellite derived data. This portal gives users an easy way to find data sources beyond Sentinel.

What Data is available in SEDAS?

The SEDAS portal will contain a 30 day rolling archive of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data from Sentinel 1A and 1B. (Product Types: GRD, SLC & OCN) as well as Optical data from Sentinel 2 (Product Type: L1C). This data is available for immediate download.

The portal also allows users to request and download data beyond this period, and once requested files has been received they will show in the cart for download.

Please be aware that currently the available archive data only goes back to September 2016, but we are working to backfill the archive making data available back to the launch of Sentinel-1.


We have recently launched a new SEDAS API, giving you the opportunity for enhanced programmatic access to Sentinel data through the SEDAS portal. More information can be found here.

How do I download the data?

Simply register for an account from the SEDAS homepage by clicking on the link to the latest data.

Can I contact someone?

For more information about Sentinel data access and data.satapps.org please visit our Contact page.